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What Type of Jewelry is Best for You?


If you are getting ready to go to a party and are unsure which jewelry will suit you, then we can help you with this.

If you wear a suit which does not have any design on it but your suit is plain, then you have to wear a necklace which is a little thick and should also wear earrings with it.

And if you wear a suit that has a design on it, then you should wear a necklace whose design is like a necklace, and also keep in mind that your balls should be open with the earring.

There is some jewelry which can be worn only in programs like a grand party, this type of jewelry is heavy jewelry which many people do not like to wear but there are some people who wear it, so let’s know which people like this should wear jewelry.

If your body is slim then you should not wear heavy jewelry because if you wear heavy jewelry then you may look a little older but if your body is slim then you have to wear a necklace that is thin and has pearls in its design.

If you have a full face, then you should wear heavy jewelry and keep in mind that the suit or sari you are wearing should be plain.

Which jewelry should be worn at what time?

If you are going to an event where someone is going to get married, then you can wear heavy jewelry but keep in mind that this jewelry looks good on you, and only matching earrings should be worn with it.

If you are going to an event which is a birthday or a simple party then you do not need to go wearing heavy jewelry you can go only wearing simple jewelry with pearl beads and it is important to keep this in mind That your hair should be open but if you do not consider it necessary to go wearing jewelry then you can only wear earrings but pay special attention to the fact that the suit you are going to wear should be a designer suit.

Adornments Care Tips

Keep away from contact with water and natural synthetic substances for example scent splashes. Try not to utilize velvet boxes, and store them in sealed shut boxes. After use, wipe the adornments with delicate cotton material. First, wear your cosmetics, and fragrance – then wear your adornments. This will keep your adornments sparkling for a long time.

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