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Paris, France - April 10, 2012: Nivea Creme, Skin cream by the German company Beiersdorf. Nivea is one of the top brands for beauty and body-care products in Germany.

Nivea Multi-Purpose Moisturizer Cream all you need to know about

Nivea Cream is a multi-purpose cream that can be applied in all seasons. This cream is very thick, after applying it, if the skin is oily then it becomes dry. After using this cream, the skin initially feels sticky but later becomes normal skin.

If the skin of your feet cracks then you can use this cream at night. Before sleeping at night, apply this cream on the torn place in the feet and sleep wearing socks, then after waking up in the morning you will feel that the skin of your feet will have become very soft. Applying this cream once a week on the face before sleeping at night, you will see that the color of your face skin will look fair and blooming and the skin of your face will become soft and soft.

Benefits of Nivea Cream

There are many benefits of applying Nivea cream, this cream moisturizes well. You can use this cream on the face and on the body, hands, feet, and hugging, which gives a complete massage.

Nivea Cream is Non-Sticky

Your skin will not feel sticky by using this cream. When you use this cream for the first time then your skin may feel sticky but after using this cream many times your skin becomes soft and after softening the skin does not feel sticky.

This cream is a bit thick, after applying this cream, this cream gets absorbed in the skin, due to which the skin glows.

Nivea Cream makes Your Skin Soft and Smooth

This cream makes the skin soft and smooth, after using this cream your skin becomes soft. This cream is thick and after applying it once, it gets its benefit for a very long time. When you apply this cream, your face looks fair.

Must use Nivea Cream in Winters

This cream can be used in winter because there are many skin-related problems in winter. So to get rid of all these problems, using this cream in winter can be very beneficial. If your skin is very dry, then dryness can be ended by using this cream.

Nivea Cream Protect Your Skin

Skin Protection

The nature of this cream is thick, which has the advantage that this cream protects the skin from pollution, thereby providing protection to the skin. When you go out and use this cream, your skin is protected from dust and soil.

Ingredients in Nivea Cream


Cinnamyl Alcohol

Benzyl Benzoate






Sodium Anisate

Magnesium Stearate

Citric Acid

Aluminum Stearates


Decyl Oleate

Magnesium Sulfate



Lanolin Alcohol (Eucerit)


Cera Microcristallina

Paraffinum Liquidum


How to Use Nivea Cream

1- Scoop The Product

2- Rub It On Your Palms To Spread Evenly

3- Gently Massage All Over Your Face and Body

4- Use Daily For Soft and Fresh Skin

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