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When and How to Use Skin Toner

First, Toner can refer to a range of products that serve different purposes for your skin. Some toners Exfoliate, some Makeup Remover, some even out the skin tone, and some do a combination of all of the above mentioned. Mostly Toner can be an incredibly useful and valuable tool to have in your beauty regimen when you find the right formula for your skin type.

Since Toning isn’t just about restoring pH levels. It depends on the active factors in the formula, Toners can be used to chemically exfoliate dead skin, control oil, and boost hydration levels, depending on the product and your skin’s needs. Toners are also good to use if you’re looking to avoid breakouts. For some skin conditions like Acne, toners that include elements like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid can help fight acne-causing bacteria and lightly exfoliate, which can be better.

The Process to Use Toner

Here are the process that you need to follow to tone your skin well.

1.Wash Your Face First Use a cleanser with lukewarm water and a soft washcloth to cleanse your face. Gently massage the cleanser into your skin to remove makeup, dirt, and pollution. Rinse well with warm water, then splash some cold water on your face when you finish. Then, clean your face dry with a clean towel.

2.Put Toner on a Cotton Pad Pour some toner on the cotton pad until it feels damp but not overly soaked. You could also use a cotton ball for this step if it’s all you have on hand. However, cotton pads will soak up less product than cotton balls, it will help you to conserve toner.

3.Use the Cotton Pad to Gently Wipe the Product over Your Face and Neck Avoid the eye area carefully and do not get the product on your lips. Pay particular attention to breach and difficult-to-reach areas including the brows, sides of the nose, near the ears, and hairline. The toner will help remove the pollution that the cleanser couldn’t reach, as well as any cleanser residue or salt, chlorine, or chemicals found in tap water.

4.Wait a Minute for the Toner to Dry Since most of the toners are water-based, they absorb into the skin fairly quickly. Make sure to let the toner sink in completely before applying other products–this will help your skin gain moisture again and protect against impurities.

5.Finish by Applying Any Treatment Products and Moisturizer If you use any acne treatments, such as benzoyl peroxide, or additional moisturizers, make sure to apply those to your face after toning. Using the toner beforehand will cleanse the skin fully and allow the acne and moisturizer products to sink more deeply into the skin.

What is the Best Time to Use a Toner

Generally, you should apply toner once in the morning and once at night. In the morning, the toner will help reduce any sebum produced during the night and balance your skin’s pH. At night, the toner will help complete your cleansing routine by removing any dust, makeup, or dirt that the cleanser missed, as well as any oily residue left-over from your cleanser.
If your skin is especially dry, you may want to start by using toner only once a day at night. Excessive use of toner may dry your skin out more. If you find your skin getting dry, consider investing in a formula for dry skin to minimize dehydration.

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